Sunday, July 20, 2008

On not blogging...

Three days of not blogging. That’s not a good sign for this blog. Mustn’t get into the habit of leaving the blog for too long or else this place will die an untimely, neglected death. But, I was going to write something last night when the power supply decided to fail. Anyway, the short time that I was able to surf the net was pointless. The connection was so slow! I was looking at the icons of the two tiny computers and I decided to see how much data was being transferred. And guess what, it was slower than the dial-up connection I had previously! This is ridiculous! I know I’ve already talked about this before in another post, but having speeds that can rival dial-up?

And since I’m on the subject of grievances, if I remember correctly, there has been at least two cases of power failures this week alone. Did you know that there’s a standing joke about Sabah's electricity supplier? Before it was privatised, the power company was known (in English) as SEB, or Sabah Electricity Board. The joke was it should actually be, Sabah Everywhere Blackout. After privatisation, it is now known as SESB, the final SB meaning Sendirian Berhad. But, some creative fella coined it, Sabah Everywhere Still Blackout! Although less frequent now (at least in the town area, but I still hear of irregular power supply out in the kampungs), there’s always the niggling feeling that whenever a blackout happens, it going to be for hours. In West Malaysia, there would have been a public outcry. But here, we hardly hear a whimper.

What else can I say? We Sabahans are a tolerant bunch.

p.s. I know I’ve been tagged by Charlene and Chegu Carol about my 10 most favourite photos, but I’m still scouring the recesses of my hard-drive to find those pics. I’ll post them up once I’m done. Bear with me, kay?


Nick Phillips said...

That used to happen here at one time where would experience blackouts almost every night and no amount of complaining actually helped rectify the situation and some high and mighty minister who lived in the area actually made a fuss and the very next week, the blackouts stopped completely!

Perry said...

but i have a deputy chief minister in my neigbourhood and this thing still happens!