Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mid-week blues

It’s Wednesday and it’s the middle of the week. I usually look forward to Wednesdays because it means that there are only two more days before the end of the working week and it’s also the time I get a thorough soaking of sweat through a few games of badminton with some church friends. But, this week’s slightly different…in a bad way, and a good way. The bad: I have to go to work this Saturday! And it’s the first Saturday of the month! While other people will be enjoying their elongated sleep time, I’ll have to wake up at 5.30 in the morning for that one extra day to get ready for school. *sigh* I just hope the schooling hours are not like the usual weekdays…

But, there’s a bright side to this coming Saturday as well. In the evening, there’ll be a gathering of Sabah bloggers at a hotel, and I’m going for free! Yippee! I’m looking forward to this event. It’ll be the first such event for me. From what I read in the blog for the event, there’ll be lucky draws and the like. There’ll even be prizes for the first 100 bloggers who attend the function on time, just to discourage late-comers! I like the idea! How many times have you attended a function or wedding dinner, and you come on time but then you ended up having to wait for an hour or even more, as there were hardly any people around! This phenomenon is so widespread that we’ve even got a name for it: Malaysian Time. Such tardiness gets on my nerves sometimes, even more when my tummy starts grumble. So, I’m hoping that everyone will come on time, and that the whole event will be a smash.

On a different note, Adelle has not been very well lately. She developed a cough about a week or two back, but we thought nothing of it because the cough hardly surfaced during the day, and she looked her normal self. We didn’t give her any medication as well. But on Saturday last week, the runny nose came, and from then on she her cough worsened. It got really bad on early Monday morning. She was coughing non-stop and she was wheezing whenever she breathed. We suspected that it could be due to the phlegm in her chest so we tried to encourage her to vomit to clear but she didn’t want to. In the end, her cough gradually subsided and my wife and I decided that Adelle slept with us, with me to be more exact, so that we could monitor her.

The next day on Tuesday, my wife brought her to the clinic to have a check, and the doctor said her condition was actually quite serious. There was a possibility that her condition could progress to asthma. Adelle was actually given Combivent, an inhalant administered through a mask, to provide some measure of relief. The whole thing took 5 minutes. The doctor was actually surprised that Adelle sat still throughout. She said that usually children would become restless and retaliate. My wife (I wasn’t at the clinic) was surprised, too!

The doctor then prescribed two kinds medication called, Singulair and Terbutaline. We checked it up on the Net and it said that both are used to treat and prevent asthma. Singulair is given once a day, but Terbutaline has to be given every 6 hours for the first 3 days. So, I’ve been given the duty to give Adelle the medicine at 1 am later. I find it easier to stay up than having to wake up again to give her the medicine, hence this extra long entry today.

Anyway, Adelle seems to be recovering well. The medication seems to be doing its work and my wife and I are thankful. Just hoping and praying that Adelle’s condition won’t turn into asthma.


maslight said...

The first few lines nearly made me feel sad. Yay perry coming for SBG...I'll cya there! XD

Anyways hope Adelle feeling better. With this kinda weather these days, =_=" I'm not surprised so many ppl get sick.. I dun wanna get sick, not when SBG is just rite the corner

Ann said...

Auntie Ann and Uncle Tim hope Adelle is recovering well.

chegu carol said...

hey perry!
lama tidak commenting here.
ya, im also working this saturday and the next saturday. replacement class for hari raya holidays. but im also coming for the SBG with dwayne. see you there!

hope adelle feels much2 better now. it sucks to be sick. what more kalau small kids yg kena sakit.

Nick Phillips said...

Wednesday is my favourite time of the week too :D And it's a bummer that you have to work this Saturday but like you said, the evening will be much better, right? Hope you win something at the meet.

And I'm sorry to hear about little Adelle. I hope she gets well soon :D

Perry said...

maslight: yes, see you at the sbg. but today wasn't so teaching. students had a whale of a time playing games. So did this teacher!

Perry said...

ann: Adelle is doing better but still coughing. Thanks.

Perry said...

chegu carol: Ya bah. It's been a long time but never mind. You've been sick kan? Yeah, I have another extra long week as well next week. sheesh!

Perry said...

nick phillips: yes, I'm hoping that I'll win something too. But even if I don't at least I still have a freebie...I hope.

Florenceloo said...

Hey hope Adelle's better now. Caitlyn had the same symptoms the past 2 weeks. I shrugged it off as a flu bout but when she was coughing pretty badly, decided to take her to the doc. who advised that she has extremely sensitive lungs and might develop into asthma if not careful.

Doc prescribed her Salbutamol - which is Ventolin. Must be the air!

Of course, it's partly my fault :) I'm asthmatic so she inherited it :(