Thursday, July 24, 2008

Prelude to the weekend

This will be a very short post as my wife and I plan to watch a movie tonight. Not too sure yet what we’re going to put into the dvd player, but it’ll be one of the many movies my sis-in-law gave to us (last year!) which we haven’t got round to watching. Yes, we’ll be watching the movie in the guest room with the doors closed as Adelle is sleeping. And no, we have yet to finish tidying up the whole place yet. All the files are still on the floor, but at least we managed to clear up the guest room so that we can watch the movie in comfort. :-)

Talking about movies, I’ve been reading rave reviews on The Dark Knight. Maslight said it was superb, as has The Star on-line movie review. I even checked up IMDB and all the reviews of the movie were exceedingly positive. I know close to nil about the movie. I’ve only ever seen pictures of The Joker and boy, based on those pictures alone, The Joker this time looks really demented! I’ve watched Batman Begins and I thought that was a splendid, if a bit long, movie. And it seems this new installment is quite long as well, at over 2 hours!

I’m sure you can guess that I want to watch this movie very much. But, don’t know if my wife and I will get to watch it on the big screen as it's kind of hard for us to go out at night. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the movie to come out in dvd and watch it in the guest room, lying on the comfortable queen-size bed, hugging a nice fluffy pillow, and not even having to drive out, find a parking spot and wait in queue to get a ticket. Hmmmm…that sounds good!

p.s. As I’m doing this, the connection to blogger is dead slow! It’s has taken me more than 20 minutes just to post this!!!


Nick Phillips said...

I'm a superhero fan and I must go catch the movie. I heard nothing but good things about it too but your idea of lying in bed with a fluffy nice pillow watching it at home sounds pretty cool ... hehehe ...

Perry said...

yeah...but nothing like watching it on the big screen with ear-splitting surround speakers!