Monday, July 7, 2008

Uncle Perry!

Just a short post; I’m tired after a full day and I need extra sleep.

Today’s the start of a new phase in the life of the school I teach in. Starting today, I officially finish at 2.30 pm. That’s an additional 1 hour 10 minutes to the previous time. What are my feelings? Bummer, man! But, I guess it gives us the reason (and extra time) to finish off whatever paper work we keep putting off. Oh well…

Fen’s sister’s visiting us at the moment. With her are her two lively children, Caleb and Tara. They’re quite the talker, especially Caleb. They seem to be imbibed with an ability to come up with endless topics to talk about – and sometimes it can be quite amusing. Just this afternoon, Caleb was commenting on how tall I was. He said that when I grew taller, I’d hit the fan in the living room. I told him that there’d be no possibility of that anymore. The only growing I’d be doing, I said, would be shorter – due to old age, of course. :-)

I find the two of them quite adorable. To them, I’m their “Uncle Perry” – I just love the way they say those words. It’s very, for lack of a better word, ‘cute’.

We went to Likas Park today, and the kids (Adelle included) were set loose on the playground. Caleb went for the monkey bars right away; Tara, the see-saw; Adelle stood watching the unfolding events for a bit, before going for the slides. And it was more or less, here a bit, there a bit after that – the seesaw, the swing, the monkey bars, the wall, running about (and this uncle even had to run himself, from getting hit by the ball in a game Caleb calls, Tiggy Ball or something like that).

Adelle meanwhile was contented playing on the bouncy saw. She’s got a real knack for bouncing on her own now and she’s quite happy about playing by herself.

After that, it was fish-feeding time. Fen bought a bag of bread bits from Fook Yuen (that famous roti kahwin shop in Damai) yesterday just for this occasion, and it was a feeding frenzy for the fish. There are some really huge fish in that lake! With the bag of bread emptied, we left the park and went to Damai to fill our tummies. Tara was already very tired then and she was dozing off while sitting on her chair while the rest of us were finishing dinner.

Then, we went home, tired but happy. End of the day.

Did I say this was supposed to be a short post and that I needed my beauty slee…..nggggzzzz


chegu carol said...

uncle pear-wieeeee...hehe

when sean was 3-4 yo, he called me aunty kay-yule. susah dia mo sebut itu R dulu. :D

maslight said...

hahahahhaha punya cute. XD

Perry said...

cute...tapi bikin panat oh!