Friday, February 27, 2009

Mr Fix-it

Well, I'm back.

Got two things fixed today. The first is the leaky tap in the kitchen. And I'm proud to say that I did it all by myself. You see, I'm not exactly a handyman when it comes to fixing things around the house. I remember the more than a few times when I actually tried to repair things I only made it worse. For example a dripping shower which I was faced with once. Easy right? Just take a wrench, tighten whatever nuts or bolts there are and you're done right?

Well, that didn't solve the problem. What was a steady dripping became a constant trickle. So much for fixing things. In the end, we called a plumber to get the job done. 

But, today, I was smarter. I researched first how to do it. And what better place to get knowledge than from the Internet. So, renewed once again with all the positivity that one gets from a clear sense of mission, I went to it - and actually fixed the drip. I didn't have to replace any parts as it turned out, that all it needed was a little cleaning.

That's the first. The second is my computer. My graphics card konked and that was the one that was causing all the trouble (and frustrations, I might add). But since it was still under warranty, ths shop people helped me claim it. But it's going to take some time - 3 months they say! So, today, I bought myself a new one in the interim period. So, all's rosy right now...except for the irritating high-pitched sound that seems to be emanating from the card. 

I'm probably going to have a look at it after this and see if I can do anything to get rid of the noise. If not, it's back to the shop and see if they can do anything. But, at least I can get some work done now.

Hope things are good with everyone. Cheerio!

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's official

Just a short post for this entry. I am now without my computer. Remember me complaining about the BSOD that keeps stopping my computer? Well, three days ago, I decided to get rid of sending my computer to the shop for a check.

The technician says that my graphics is the culprit and since it is still under warranty (I actually don't remember if it is) he's helping me claim the warranty. But it'll take time. Arrrgghhs!

I wonder how long it'll take. I find myself really handicapped without my computer.
Withdrawal symptoms?

p.s. I'm actually using my wife's laptop from school to do this. It's slow, small, but at least it's bearable...considering the circumstances. Sigh...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It seems like the chicken pox virus is going around town at the moment. I know of at least two people who've got it recently, well in their adulthood. So, I guess the marks will be slightly slower in going away.

I'm not overly worried. I got mine when I was in secondary school. Actually, I still remember it vividly. Small spots appeared all around my body one day, and upon checking it with the doctor, he confirmed that it was that dreaded chicken disease (actually, why is it called chicken pox anyway?). I had a week off of school so that was nice, but having all these extra sensitive points all around my body wasn't very nice. But, I must say that the heightened sensation was rather interesting: I've never knew (and hopefully, never will again) that my body could be so acute in feeling the slightest touch. I actually still have some of the scars on some parts of my body, though you'd have to look very closely to see them.

But my wife is quite worried when she comes into proximity with anyone who's recently had it. You see, she hasn't got it yet. Though I hear that some people have an immunity to it. I wonder if she's one of them.

Here's to all who've recently had theirs. Happy healing!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Some people never leave home without it.
Some people even go to bed with it.
Some people use it only for special occasions.
Some don't even believe in such things.
But, it's got to be said that some people are really in need of it.

Just what exactly am I talking about? I'm sure you know it. It's that ubiquitous thing that seeks to make us more alluring, more appealing, and some would say, more classy. But the English translation "toilet water" certainly doesn't conjure any kind of glamourous image for me. But, it is what it is, despite the rather odd name.

I was just persuaded to check this website touted as one of the UKs leading online shops for perfume and I was quite shocked. I'm not much of a perfume kind of person, but I know a few brand names. Immediate names that come to mind would be Davidoff, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, Ralph Lauren...but who would have known that there are over 120 design houses of perfumes? And while I know that Jennifer Lopez has her own line of perfumes, but I never knew that Kate Moss had hers as well! And Gwen Stefani?

But, I guess what's important is how it wears on you, right? Doesn't really matter whether it is a designer perfume or not, I think. Oh, another thing is how long it stays on you as well. I mean you wouldn't what to keep spraying that liquid gold on you just because it wears off so quickly, right? But, I suppose if the store you're getting it from offers you some really cheap perfume, you wouldn't mind spraying a bit more often, just so you'd smell nice all the time.

I've never bought perfumes on-line before, but now at least I know of a pretty good place do it if I ever decide to make that purchase to smell like a million bucks!


Updates are slow in coming. Partly because my computer has been on the blitz. I've been using this new-ish computer for slightly over a year. No problems whatsoever. Then last Friday disaster struck...

Yep, it's that infamous Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). And somehow, it's got to do with my video card. Ever since D-day (that's Disaster Day), every time I boot up, I'll come face to face with the blue screen saying that this file nv4_disp.dll is stuck in a loop and so, Windows has done the honourable thing by stopping my system before any more damage comes along. Either that, or the computer just decides to hang on me, not so much as even a nice blue screen to inform me that my machine's stopped working (even though it's all garbled nonsense to me anyway). I'm currently running without my video drivers and it's a less than enjoyable experience, but at least no more blue screens.

I scoured the net for solutions to this problem, and the suggestions are numerous and range from the more technical like changing the power supply unit to a more powerful one, updating the drivers (which I've done about a gazillion times by now to no avail), or trying out the card on another computer; to the more zany ones like switching the positions of the RAM modules in their slots and even changing the monitor connection to a different port (both of which I've done...who knows, it did work for the people who suggested them).

So, short of wiping my hard drive clean and reinstalling everything (something I'm not very keen on doing since that means I've got tonnes of backing-up to do!), I'm actually stuck for solutions.

Any computer wizards out there who can help me with this one?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Excess baggage

After the week-long break for Chinese New Year, it's finally back to school time. But, I think the holidays (and all the eating that came with it) have taken its toll on me - I'm now noticeably a lot bigger round my waist. And my wife just won't let me off quietly.

Yes. Perhaps I've eaten a bit more than my fair share of food the past year end holidays. Yes, perhaps I've been snacking a bit more. But, I can't help it. I enjoy eating! So, shoot me! (that's just a figure of speech, btw.)

My wife has just told me that I need to lay off rice a wee bit because of my growing paunch. She says I eat too much rice. I sometimes take my breakfast at school (rice with a meat dish and a vegetable dish) and usually eat rice again for another meal (either lunch or dinner), but sometimes I'll eat rice for all three meals. She says that three meals (even two) with rice is too much. She recommends I substitute a meal with either a Milo and milk, or an oats with Horlicks diet.

Now, while I have nothing against the diet she is suggesting, I'm thinking all this talk about my spare tyre really just boils down to the fact that I've been rather inactive. I usually get my weekly exercise through badminton games twice a week and for the past year, that more or less kept my weight (and tummy) in check. But, since it was the year-end hols and I was away, not to mention the Chinese New Year holidays as well, I wasn't able to get my weekly dose of work-outs.

So, I think it's just about getting back into the rhythm of things once again, and once that's accomplished I'm sure that whatever excess baggage that's clinging on to me will disappear as well.

Won't it?