Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I've just gone blog-hopping and it seems like everyone's either very busy or their day was so uninteresting that there was nothing to say! Not one of the blogs in my blogroll has been updated. So, I'll have to content myself with my own writing...sigh.

Today’s, err pardon me...YESTERDAY was another tiring day. Extra tiring in fact and I should actually be in bed right now! But I thought I'd just drop a few words in. Why the extra tiredness? My wife and I decided to clear up my daughter's room a little bit. Well, that's how it initially started. We had a bookshelf in her room, and we decided to take it out as it attracted dust. Not very healthy for Adelle since it was so close to her cot.

So, we took out all the books and files and wiped the shelf clean (and it was sodusty!) and then we decided where to put it. The best place would be just outside her room, in the corner of the tv area, just beside the tv. But then, my wife got this "brilliant" idea to move the tv and everything else that was connected to it into the guest room. Reason? So that we could watch movies without waking Adelle up. I thought it was a splendid idea. So, I disconnected everything, and we lugged the tv, the hifi, the speakers, the dvd player, the tv bench...the whole lot into the guest room. And it was a back-breaking job! Imagine carrying this monstrous tv (it's only 29 inches...but it's the mammoth CRT kind!) that weighs over 50 kg! Phew! My wife commented wouldn't it be great if we had one of those LCD tvs which we could just hang on the wall. So much space saved...yeah, but that'd seriously put a hole in our piggy bank.

So, wishful thinking aside we cleaned up the ex-tv area (which was equally smothered in dust!) and we also had to rearrange the guest room a bit to accommodate the new additions. Hooked up everything, tested and all was okay. And it was already almost 7 pm. We started about 4. All this while Adelle was equally busy. She sometimes helped us (simple things like holding the shelf we were carrying and imagining she was doing the same!) but she mostly busied herself with all the wonderful new things that were lying all around the floor.

We still haven't finished (both my wife and I were so tired already) and this task would probably be continued tomorrow, I mean, later today. So, the next time we have guests, they can at least watch some movies on dvd rather than staring at the four walls.

Here's the funny bit. We have a tv, but you won't be able to see much of anything, unless you like watching busy ants. It's not connected to the aerial, so we can get none of the local tv stations. We also don't subscribe to Astro. So why the tv? Come to think of it, we're not sure ourselves.



charlenediane said...

I have a TV but I hardlyhardly watch anything except for when I know there is something really interesting going on and got to catch in (mostly sporting stuff, not a big movie fan). I think the longest time I have ever made it without watching is 4 months. Never bothered to watch at all. Same like you I am used to only turning it on for DVD purposes.

I guess radio/music is more important than TV for me.

Hv fun with the moving!

Nick Phillips said...

That must have been a back breaking task. I'm not really a TV freak myself though there are a couple of series I just cannot miss. But give me a good book anytime :D

Yeah, I'm one of those guilty of not having any new postings ... hehehe ...

maslight said...

*guilty..I had posting up today hehehe and it's a happy post..sorry 'bout dat. Been either bz or too lazy to post anything. Brain dead maybe. Anyways, omg, u guys actually rearranged everything just becoz of the bookshelf hahahaha omg XD

Anyways, my house consider teruk oso kot. We have *cough cough 4 tv at home. @_@ yes I know, it's not mine. Wait correction. There's 5 with various sizes. 1 for tv room, 1 for living room (where the astro is), 1 at the living room upstairs (for my mum to watch her soaps when she's ironing the clothes), 1 in my room (collecting dust) and 1 in the kitchen, yeah my mum likes to watch tv when she's cooking. Weird isn't it? @_@