Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's that time of day when...

What’s your favourite time of the day? No, not day in the week, but a certain period in the day, any day? For me, it’s when Adelle wakes up in the morning, and when she goes to sleep.

Here’s the normal scenario of Adelle waking up in the morning. My wife and I would be getting ready to go to work (this would be slightly past 6 am), and I’d usually be just about finished brushing my teeth. Then, you’ll hear a call: “Mommeee!” That’d be Adelle’s morning call. If there’s no response, she’d call again. Failing which she’d call, “Daddeee!” So, either my wife or I would then go into her room (Adelle sleeps alone in her own room) and we’ll exchange good mornings, and say hi, and we’d carry her, and give her a hug and a kiss. She’d want to get down quickly though, to say hi to whoever isn’t carrying her. And the smile that you get from her every morning is just priceless. I’d say, mornings right after waking up is when Adelle’s at her best. All happy!

That’s the morning. In the evening, when she goes to bed is also a close second. After dinner, I’d usually help her brush her teeth and then shower. Shower time is a time of playing for her though nothing too demanding. Usually, it’s just with the bottles of shower cream and shampoo. She can really be busy with those things. Such simple joys! After the shower, it’s dressing up for bedtime. Then, it’s combing her hair (the little that she has). By then, somehow she’d suddenly feel sleepy and say, “Adelle, oi, oi”. So, I bring her to room (and if mommy is available, she comes in together to give a final feed), and we’d pray. Then it’s good night to anything that she sees outside before the final kiss goodnight (from Daddy or Mommy to Adelle and vice versa) and then the lay down in her cot. Lastly, a final good night before turning on the baby monitor and closing the door. Then, it's sweet dreams for her.

The two precious times of the day for me and my wife.


maslight said...

oh man that's such a beautiful sunset. Favorite time of the day huh? *thinks. Actually after 5pm, coz I'll be at home doing wutever I want XD

Nick Phillips said...

Everytime I leave this office and head home to my wife and kids is always my favorite time of the day :D

Beautiful sunset picture.

Perry said...

Thanks maslight and nick. The beautiful sunset was courtesy of the beautiful weather that day.

charlenediane said...

My favourite part of the day is probably Saturday morning, knowing that it's a weekend and I don't have to go to work. Otherwise uhm, no every other day is just as ordinary as the one before :)