Monday, June 30, 2008

Narrow band

At this very moment, Streamyx seems to be up to speed. I've been experiencing some very slow load times since last week, especially when it comes to blogger. It's actually been very sporadic - sometimes the connection's fine, other times it feels as if I were on dial-up. When it's slow, it's really s-l-o-w. I actually wonder sometimes whether dial-up can be faster!

Which is kinda sad, really. I was just browsing the broadband connections offered in Singapore here and it seems that they already have100 Mbps for private residences! And we're still stuck with the constant promotion of 1 Mbps. Heck, there's even a low of 384 kbps! Well, maybe I shouldn't complain. Having some really "malformed" kind of broadband is better than none at all, I suppose. But, it's hard to be happy when all they promise is that what you're getting is on a 'best-effort' basis.

I seem to remember a minister saying something how this 'best-effort basis' thingy should be improved upon, but my speed lately tells me otherwise. *sigh*


Nick Phillips said...

That's the problem with companies here. They tend to want to make a profit rather than provide the service. I mean, what's with the 'best effort' nonsense, just be honest about the exact speed and no one will have any further expectations, right?

But thank god I'm not on Streamyx. I've had the good fortune to be able to use Jaring broadband and it's rarely given me problems.

maslight said...

Streamyx sux period! @_@ Teda laju owez slow T_T

Perry said...

nick: If Jaring broadband were available here in KK, I would have gone with them too. I was a satisfied customer of their dial-up service for many years. But, sadly we only have Streamyx.

maslight: what to do? no other choice. i tried my friend's celcom broadband...same thing! slow juga! isshh!