Thursday, July 31, 2008

You can't touch this

Adelle knows that some things are off-limits to her, such as power sockets, the computer, wires, spectacles, etc. But, sometimes she needs to be reminded. My wife and I are not always aware of the things she ends up doing especially on weekend mornings when Adelle would already be wide awake and active, and Mommy and Daddy would still be trying to squeeze some extra time to sleep. I usually sleep with my glasses by my side and one fine morning, when both my wife and I were sleeping, Adelle decided to take my glasses and play with it. I don’t know what she did but my specs didn’t look the same after that: the ‘leg’ (what do you call them, anyway?) of one side seemed to be jutting out from the frame a bit. But, apart from that I didn’t see any other damage so I didn’t bother to have a closer look.

It was only much later that I found out that the hinge of that particular leg had broken, held in place only by the screw. I’ve only had the glasses for over a year, so they’re fairly new and I was hoping that they’d last until at least next year. But come Monday morning this week, that leg suddenly decided to detach itself from the frame. Luckily I had a spare. Went to the optician the next day to get another frame (the lenses of my now demised glasses were good so I decided to reuse them) and I went to collect just this evening. The damage? RM130. Not too bad la, but we’ll have to train Adelle again concerning playing with spectacles. Can’t afford to keep replacing them every time she plays with them!

After the optician, we went for a spot of shopping at Parkson at Wawasan Plaza (there’s a Bonuslink member’s day sale today). The wife got some skin care products, Adelle got a t-shirt, and I got nothing, which is okay since I had nothing to buy anyway. We went for dinner at an Italian restaurant after that. We had never been there before. It’s called Grazie, and it’s in the same building as Parkson, but outside. I didn’t bring my camera, so no pictures to show. But the food was quite delicious! My wife ordered a pasta dish (don’t remember the name now) and I had lasagna. We also ordered a large pizza to share (my wife and I are quite big eaters!). Everything was just absolutely yummy and we finished off everything on our plates. After that we had dessert: chocolate pudding. It was heavenly! Melted chocolate lurking underneath a thin layer of soft pastry. Mmmmm…!

The price wasn’t too bad. The pasta dishes cost RM18.80 each, the large pizza was RM23.80, and the chocolate pudding, RM8.80. The place was cosy as well, though a bit dark, and despite the hot day today, the whole place was cool and airy (it’s al fresco dining all the way, absolutely no air-conditioning, well, except for the toilets). Everything was very clean, the toilets were spotless. They proudly show off the 4-star rating they received from DBKK for their toilets!

All in all, Grazie is highly recommended if you’re into Italian food. Too bad there are no pics of the food to share, but of course if you really want, I could throw up and…


maslight said...

I'm gonna take a moment


"can't touch this dum dum dum~" XD omg mc hammer

sorry, it's things like these that triggers my brain hahahah and i love music XD

ogie 'nuff for crazyness. Uh oh Grazie? Hmmm I've never been there. Maybe I'll ask my fren to check it out so we can go there and eat and rave about it weeeeeeeeeee...too bad u didn't have ur camera with u T_T

Nick Phillips said...

It's 8.50 in the morning and reading the stuff you and your wife had for dinner has made my stomach growl like crazy ... LOL! The food sounds yummy.

Well, kids at that age are naturally curious of everything around them. My boys were like that at that age too. I had to keep all the important stuff out of sight ...

Happy weekend.

Shemah said...

Hi Perry! It was great to meet you at SBG!! :) Got a new blog to "stalk" from now on! hehe..

Anyways, I haven't been to Grazie yet. Might give it a try one of these days! :)