Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grilles, deadbolts, padlocks and alarms

When I look at the houses of today, I sometimes cannot fail to notice how different they are from those from about 25 years ago. For one thing, architects nowadays are more bold in their designs. So, while you still get the more conventional four-side box designs of old, you also get the more updated ones (which are essentially still boxy, but with more play of different box shapes) that look quite refreshing.

House designs aside, the other difference you're bound to notice is the security features that any typical house has nowadays. Grilles, deadbolts, and padlocks have become the norm rather than the exception nowadays. Twenty five years ago, you'd be hard put to spot a house with any of them. You just had bare windows and doors.

And it's not just grilles and deadbolts and padlocks, too. Closed-circuit television, and even motion sensors are becoming increasingly popular among house owners from my observations. I suppose nowadays some would consider an autogate, grilles, and a home security system the bare minimum to have for any house.

Of the three perhaps the most important is the home security system. So, I was curious and searched for one and I found While they do not offer their services in Malaysia, the security system that they market is one many are familiar with: ADT Security System. While I'm not a subscriber of any of their products, I've noticed more than a few houses sporting the ADT logo on the alarm attached to the exterior walls. A look at their website says that they have been in operations since 1874 and have over 7 million customers worldwide. I suppose many potential customers would put their trust in a company with a reputation like that. I think I would put ADT Security high up on my list too, if ever I was looking for a dependable provider for home security systems.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A New Year's Post

Let me see.

It's been 10 days since the first day of Chinese New Year, and that would make this post on Chinese New Year more than a bit late. But, since celebrations actually last for 15 days then I'm not overly late so I'll just go ahead and wish everyone a Happy New Year. Don't let all the roaring (it is the year of the Tiger, is it not?) make your voice go hoarse.

How was your celebrations (and the off days that went with it?)? For the first time ever, the whole family managed to go to Klang to celebrate this auspicious occasion. That's thanks to cheap airline tickets and a rather long-ish school break. It's a nice change from the usual routine during New Year celebrations here in Sabah.

Anyway, apart from the customary New Year's eve meal (which my mother-in-law single-handedly prepared!), we managed to visit a friend's house and also make our traditional 'pilgrimage' to Mid Valley Megamall on the second day of Chinese New Year. We were expecting the place to be rather quiet, and at first when we arrived there it seemed that way. Quite a number of the outlets were closed, and the place wasn't as crowded as usual.

Mid Valley's Centre Court with its Chinese New Year decorations. I like!

Decorations at The Gardens.

But, after walking around The Gardens and deciding to have lunch after that, we found that we couldn't find any restaurant to eat that wasn't already full! So in the end, we ate at the food court at The Gardens which was not too bad. And after that, it was more window-shopping.

The next day, it was reunion time with my brothers and parents (who also decided to fly over). This would be the first in a number of years as well that my brothers, my parents and I would be reunited for Chinese New Year. Can't find a better opportunity than this to have a family portrait together.

One big moderate-sized family.

Happy New Year everyone!