Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Inevitable

Have you ever thought about how much the typical Malaysian eats?

If the government courses that I occasionally have to attend were to be taken as some kind of norm for the average Malaysian, then the only conclusion that anyone can come to would be this:

A lot! A whole lotta lot!

Take your typical full-day government-sponsored course or conference: you start off the day with breakfast (whether at home, or at the venue of the said event if the organiser so generously provides it). The course then begins promtply at 8.00 am and after oh about two hours, there's a break and with it comes...tea, coffee, some cakes or pastries, and maybe even some fried noodles or vermicelli. After thirty minutes of nibbling, then comes lunch, just two hours later.

After lunch, it's back to more serious matters and perhaps around mid-afternoon at about 3.30, tea break commences with more finger food. And so you continue your sessions some more and before you know it, it's the end of the day and then it's time for tea, then later in the evening, dinner! Count it - that's five meals a day! And if you have night sessions, there will also be supper so that will make it six! Isn't it any wonder then why the circumference around your waist continues to grow larger?

I for one am growing - horizontally. I think I'm larger than I've even been before, and the sight of all that folded flesh and skin when I sit is not something I'm going to get used to. It must be because of me sitting too much in front of the computer. Sigh.

I've heard crunches are supposed to be good...