Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rolling in money!

Well, not quite. It’s not in the millions; neither is it in the thousands. It’s only a few hundred, but hey, how often do you get a substantial amount of money just by getting in a queue and waiting for 20 minutes without even having to lift a finger (okay, so you have to fill in a form, but that’s hardly work!)?

Six-hundred twenty-five, six-two-five, 625…that’s the amount I got at the post office today. I’m sure you all know what I’m referring to by now, and maybe some of you have even collected your surprise ‘bonus’ by now. It’s the rebate-subsidy-donation-whateveryouwanttocallit money the government is giving out to car owners.

I actually went to the Damai post office yesterday with my wife at about 4.40 pm thinking that we’d beat the queue. But, the post office was already closed! They close at 4.30 pm so we’d only been late by 10 minutes. Aren’t they supposed to be open till five or something? So, yesterday’s Mission: Get-the-money was aborted and we went to a friend’s house instead.

But, today…nothing would have kept me away. After hearing reports of conmen cashing in on the situation through false documents, Fen advised me to quickly get the money before these people had a chance. Better safe than sorry.

So went to the post office today at about 3.30 pm and the queue was not too bad. I was the last person but soon another man came up behind me holding on to a piece of paper. I asked him if there was a form to fill in, and he said yes, and to get it from the counter by telling the staff my registration number. The man even offered to save my place in the line so that I didn’t have to go right to the back again. How kind!

So I filled in the form, got back in line (saying my thank you to the kind man, of course), waited for a bit, then gave my form and IC to the staff manning the counter, signed the form, thumb-printed the form, and voila! The lady hands me the moolah! New, crisp RM100 bills – all six of them, and two RM10 notes and a single RM5 one. Nothing like the feel of virgin, untouched money.

Mission accomplished.

p.s. Too bad the money is not going to stay with me very long. My tires need replacing. Botak already…such short-lived happiness. *sigh*


chegu carol said...

If my road tax expire in Dec, buli pi claim now juga kah? Or i have to wait till after i renewed my road tax?

Perry said...

have to renew road tax first then can claim. fen's only expiring next year in march! so have to wait, i think.