Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nine hours

As I write this, the clock on my computer tells me it's exactly midnight. I should probably be getting to bed. After all, in nine hours' time (hence, the title of my post) I'll be sitting behind a desk in some secondary school, a black pen in my shirt pocket, four 2B pencils and a rubber laid out in front of me, awaiting my question paper to be handed to me.

Yes, I'm sitting for an exam.

At precisely nine o'clock (GMT+8) on the tenth day of the sixth month of the tenth year of the new millennium, thousands all across Malaysia will be in the same situation as I will be: holding a blue question paper consisting of forty questions before them, and quite possibly be exhibiting one of two kinds of behaviours described below:
  1. The more diligent ones would probably be smiling to themselves and already thinking about what new things they can buy with the new pay increment they would get once they aced the paper. 
  2. The ones on the opposite side of the spectrum (like myself) would also be smiling to themselves and wondering why they even bothered waking up that morning.
Being a teacher, I understand that exams are a necessary part of life. How else would you be able to measure your understanding of a certain topic or discipline. Besides, I like shading those tiny oblongs on the answer paper. It feels quite relaxing.

If only this exam didn't determine your supposed competency at doing your job...