Saturday, June 21, 2008

The snake is in the grass...

Nah, we didn't meet any snakes today. That's a line taken from a song - for children. And it's not even a proper children's song, it's a teaching song. The objective? To teach the sound of the letter 'S'. You know it...sssssss.

Yes, I'm talking phonics lessons here. Adelle attended her second class of phonics today (her first was last Saturday), and this time around only Daddy was around to keep her company cos Mommy had to be around in school. But, hey, Mommy's school wasjust outside the class gates! No worries in the case of emergencies.

Anyway, I was just wondering about this phonics thing. Phonics is to help children acquire reading ability; to be able to decipher letters and to say out their sounds correctly. So, when, for example, you see the letter 'M', you make the sound, mmmm, and when you see the letter 'A' you say 'eh', so on and so forth. But, here's the thing. I don't ever remember going through a single phonics class. And I read quite well (at least, I think I do!).

Sure, I've made mistakes before. How many of us have said the words 'tongue' as tong-gew, 'mosque' as mos-cue and the absolute classic, 'discotheque' as disco-the-cue, until we realised or people told us that we actually said them wrongly. But, the point is I picked up reading without any such specialised teaching. Perhaps it was because my parents used to buy lots of audio story books, and as we followed the words in the books we heard the words being spoken and so, without realising it, picked up how certain letters should be pronounced.

So, I'm thinking, is there a need for such lessons at all if parents already read to their children? What do you think? How did you learn how to read?

Adelle playing after lessons had ended

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chegu carol said...

I only know how to say tongue correctly when i was in form one. before that, tong-gew. LOL!
and ya, my time also mana ada phonic classes. kalau ada pun, maybe for mereka-mereka yang mampu. ;)