Monday, June 30, 2008

Dee-Gee-Tuhl Photography Bootcamp here in KK!

An exciting announcement to all lovers of photography out there! Just in case you haven’t got wind of this event yet, Nexus Karambunai Resort is organizing a workshop run by none other than our very own Sabahan, award-winning photographer, Louis Pang. Saw it in last Friday’s Daily Express only today, and thought I’d put it up since I did not see any mention of it in his blog.

It's a fee-paying workshop though unlike his previous half-day workshop at STAR. But, there are several packages on offer. If you choose to stay at Nexus, you'll pay RM360 which includes registration fee, lunch and dinner and a single night's stay (twin-sharing basis). Of course, if you want to stay alone, you can but it'll put you back RM560.

Don't want to stay? You pay RM195 which gives you lunch and dinner, and includes the registration fee. The cheapest option (and probably the most popular, methinks), minus all the fluff, is just paying for the registration which is RM80.

What's more, there'll also be a photo shootout! And there'll be prizes to be won if your photo's good enough.

It says in the registration form that you need to bring a laptop with Photoshop cos you'll be editing your photos and printing them there and then, both of which I don't have... :-(

But, I'm thinking of going...who wants to accompany me and share your laptop with me???

This is where you can download the brochure and registration forms.


chegu carol said...

Dwayne is going!
I wanted to go but since we only have one DSLR...i think better Dwayne go. Dia yg lebih 'gila' in editing and processing than me.

Florenceloo said...

Darn, if we were in KK, Don would definitely take up the offer in a sec!

Have fun!

Florenceloo said...

Hi Carol! How are you and Dwayne doing?

Perry said...

goody, goody. so i can partner si dwayne la. but, now dunno if really can go or not...tiadaorang jaga adelle in the afternoon....hmmm.

chegu carol said...

Hi Florence! Good to 'see' you here. :)
Dwayne and I are doing well...and still a 'weekends' husband and wife. Hehe...