Saturday, June 28, 2008

Can you feel the your head?

Can you get a headache from too much singing? Was at music practice today at church and we sang for about 1 1/2 hours, and when I got back I had this throbbing headache. It hasn't completely gone yet, and that was over 3 hours ago.

Or maybe, it has something to do with this big daddy having the flu and sore throat. Maybe I got it from Adelle. When I carried her from the bed yesterday morning after she woke up, she coughed right into my face and maybe the germs happily decided to check out their new host and become comfortable.

Either way, this big daddy ain't feeling too well. So, that's the end of this short post. Nnnngghh...

1 comment:

maslight said...

Erm, not really, well I dun remember having this scenario before. But, if I'm stressed, I normally sing till the top of my lungs, yeah till I'm satisfied, but that would make my headache go away actually.

I think it's the weather XD