Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Operation: Snot-free Night

Adelle caught the flu. We’re guessing the swim last week might have caused it because the babysitter said the next day she was sneezing the whole morning. So, her nose has become like a leaky tap, sometimes flowing slow, sometimes flowing fast. And a runny, or worse, a blocked nose can pose a major headache when she’s sleeping because she won’t be able to sleep well. And to add to that, she also complains of itches. Could be the heat but we don’t know. We put some talcum on her and that seems to do the job quite nicely, even if it only lasts for a short period.

As for the runny nose, we have launched Operation: Snot-free Night, so that both Fen and I can get our uninterrupted beauty sleep. In our arsenal are these implements:

This funny looking contraption allows the parent to suck out the snot so that the nasal passage is clear. You suck through the end of the tube, and the ‘hingus’ collects in the bottle. No prizes for who correctly guesses the person to do this job. But, consolation is Adelle seems to find this funny, so she’s quite cooperative.

Next, is the nasal spray. This helps clear all the sinuses so that she can breathe easily throughout the night. This is Mommy’s duty.

And with just these two, both mommy and daddy are happy, contented sleepers! Adelle too seems to be quite happy.


maslight said...

Oh man, I was like imagining if the snort would ogie nvm...i might gross ppl out with dat imagination...lets keep it to myself shall we XD *giggle

charlenediane said...

Aww she's so adorable! Hopefully she gets well soon!

chegu carol said...

adult boleh pakai juga kah tu?
less trip to the toilet at night to throw the hingus ;)

Perry said...

maslight: bah, bagus-la like that. wouldn't want to be sued by other readers who say they barfed all over their keyboard reading your entry. ;-)

charlene: thanks. she doesn't really mind the runny nose. but what gets her is the rashes. she gets so irritated by the itch they cause.

carol: the sucker maybe cannot. kita punya lubang hidung tarampau basar sudah. the spray can, but probably less effective cos dosage is for young children. unless kau spray a few times maybe...