Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The rise of the dough

Since acquiring an electric oven a few months back, Fen (that’s my wife) has been bitten thoroughly bitten by the baking bug. We don’t buy bread now because she bakes them. So much more satisfying and filling – just two slices will be enough to fill you up; four if you’re really hungry – though if you’re used to the fluffier and lighter kind, then you’d probably need some time to get used to the heavy, solid variety that she bakes if you eat them.

Just the other day, all of us (that’s me, my wife and Adelle, too) had a family baking session. We made cinnamon rolls. Adelle got to mix the flour, and she also had a hand (two, actually) in kneading the dough. She even kneaded her very own roll which she then heaped with lots of raisins (her favourite!).

Tonight, we tried something new: chocolate cheesecake brownies. The picture in the book looked very yummy, and there were only five steps! How hard can it be right? Well, the brownies turned out…wet. The texture’s more like cake than the normally harder brownie. So much for being simple…(perhaps it had to do with our extra ‘generous’ addition of butter..)

But, tastes marvelous nonetheless!


chegu carol said...

bah...nanti family gathering di kg, ask Fen to bake cake :)

ann said...

put the brownies in the fridge and it'll be fine.try it.

Perry said...

hi ann ann.

yes, done that...and it's hardened nicely. all gone now!

ganache-ganache said...

It's always nice to be making your own bread, I love the smell of freshly baked goodies, be it bread,muffins, cake, anything in my kitchen. Ever since I got hooked on to baking, my girls & hubby have been eating home-made bread everyday ! Keep up the effort !