Thursday, June 19, 2008

Point of view

What’s the hottest topic in today’s news? None other than fellow Sabahan, Datuk Yong Teck Lee. While I’m not overly interested in politics, I’m not totally averse to it as well, hence the subject of today’s post. I’m sure he has his reasons on why he intends to get his MPs to table the vote of no-confidence (whether personal or otherwise), but that’s not what interests me most. The fascinating thing about today’s big news is the point of view presented by the different dailies – our Sabah-based Daily Express and the national newspaper, The New Straits Times.

Tell me if you don’t notice a rather accusatory tone in NST’s front page: DOUBLE CROSS, it proclaims of Yong in bold capital letters. Compare that with “SAPP’s ‘no faith in PM’ shock” by Daily Express – not quite the judgmental stance of NST, is it? Compare too the statements given by the SAPP Deputy President in NST and Daily Express.

“There is no reason to do this. It is completely wrong,” NST quotes.

“As far as I’m concerned, I don’t know. I have to ask the party President,” Daily Express reports when the Deputy was asked about the motion.

Same event, different stories. That’s life. Want to exercise your brain? The next time you read a piece of writing, try examining whose point of view it is taking. Then, make your own conclusions rather than having it done for you by the writer.

On a lighter note, this is my point of view of Adelle enjoying herself with mommy at the Sports Complex pool this evening. Look at her backstroke!

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