Thursday, August 14, 2008

Something happened on the way to work...

Is there something about today? This morning on the way to work, I almost met with an accident. The traffic light was green, and I was happily driving along in my lane going towards the traffic light when all of a sudden, this grey Proton Saga attempted to cut into my lane. The driver had the courtesy to turn on her (yes, the driver was a woman) blinker but she might as well didn't do it as it only started blinking for like for 2 seconds before she made the maneuver to come into my lane. It wouldn't have been a big deal if I was some distance behind her, but she did this stunt when I was just there beside her!

I know, I know. I'm probably being harsh. she probably didn't see me in her side view mirror because of I was probably in her blind spot. And she probably got the shock of her life as well when I blared my car horn for all it's worth when she started her move. But, that's just it, isn't it? Failing to check properly if the roads are really clear before you change lanes can be hazardous - to yourself and other people. Not only that, how are you side view mirrors positioned? Do you see the sides of your car?

I read some years ago how that is the wrong way to position your side view mirrors. You can google how your side view mirrors should be adjusted for a more detailed description but here's the gist of it: your side view mirrors shouldn't duplicate what your rear view mirror shows you. They should show you what's on the lanes on either side of you. So, if you haven't done it already, push your side view mirrors out so that you can see the next lane. While this does not completely clear all the blindspots while you're driving, it gives a much greater coverage of what you'll be able to see around you without having to turn your head. Of course, the other way is to buy those small rounded mirrors and stick them to your side view mirror. But I find them quite distracting, so I don't use them.

That's my story of my near-miss. But at work, I got news of a colleague of mine who was not so lucky. He was riding his motorbike on the way work, and he met with an accident. I'm not too sure about the exact details of how the accident happened, but apparently whoever hit him didn't stop to help him and send him to the hospital (sad thing to hear isn't it? Aren't Malaysians supposed to be warm and friendly? Helpful even?). It took another person to help and send him to Queen Elizabeth Hospital (that's our main hospital here in Kota Kinabalu). And from what I hear, my colleagues hurt pretty badly. One of his legs is broken in three places (ouch!). He's got other injuries as well, I'm sure.

So, there was just something about today...but, whatever it is. Be safe on the road people. Drive responsibly and carefully!


Nick Phillips said...

You Perry, the amount of ignorance people have about the positioning of their rear view mirrors, distance of their seats from the steering and simple but important stuff like that surprises me considerably.

I've seen some people who position their rear view mirrors so that they can look at their own faces and then there are those that might as well just remove the rear seat cos they sit so far back that I wonder how long their arms really are.

Totally unsafe driving habits which leads to accidents. Glad you managed to avoid anything bad happening.

Nick Phillips said...

Oh, don't know if you're into doing memes and all that but I have a tag for ya :D