Friday, August 8, 2008

It's the weekend! And I'm free!!!

NOT! Actually working tomorrow, and it'll be quite a full day actually. Early morning till noon, school. After that, take care of Adelle (more like sleeping with Adelle...I'm her afternoon sleeping partner. Heee!). Then, at 4.30, music practice at church till about 6. Then evening it's evening already. Then feed Adelle, then get Adelle ready for sleep. Only then, my wife and I will have some free time to ourselves.

But, at least tomorrow will be the last time I work on a Saturday (for they year, I hope!). And I'm hoping to visit the Pikom PC Fair sometime this weekend. Just to take a sniff of new hardware and maybe buy myself a few gigs of RAM. I've already got 2 gigs on my desktop but it can be quite slow when I'm editing photos. It's only a 5 minute drive away from my place, so I'll probably go either tomorrow evening or Sunday evening. Will see if wife and Adelle will come along. If not, then lone ranger...

Happy weekend everyone.


maslight said...

Wuah...weekend!!!! XD

I want some stuff from pc fair but I'm not willing to pay...will try to make my dad buy stuff for me mwahahhaha XD

chegu carol said...

im so lucky to have been approved leave for today's class. gotong royong saja bah so my GB was rather in good mood to let me go. :P