Saturday, August 23, 2008

Date with nature

Creepy crawlies and flying stingers have been the order these past two days. Yesterday, all three of us were out in front of the house: my wife was trimming the grass, Adelle was busy 'helping' and I was keeping watch over her. I was going to clean up my car, but my wife got me distracted by something else. She asked to look at one of her potted plants. So, I checked it out and I saw a strange green creature. The first time I saw it, I couldn't make up my mind what it was, but it did look like a caterpillar - albeit a very strange one. Have a look for yourself at the photos below and see if you don't agree with me.

Creature from the potted plant!

Another view of the caterpillar

The bulge just behind the head with a bright red circle on either side makes it look strangely like the head of a snake. The black and white marking around that area further helps create this illusion. In my entire life, I've never seen a caterpillar like this. So what do I do? I take my camera and shoot it for posterity's sake. The caterpillar looked quite healthy. Well, what wouldn't since it's been devouring the leaves of my wife's plant. The leaf on which you see it in the photo was more than half gone. That's not counting at least two other leaves which have already been eaten. So, my wife gave me the duty of disposing it after I was done photographing it. I didn't kill it. I just picked it up and threw it into some bushes in front where it could eat to its heart's content (do caterpillars even have a heart?).

Then, this morning, the three of us were again outside the house - this time at the back. My wife and I decided to clear up our backyard a bit as it was getting a bit untidy. So, we sheared unwanted plants and hacked a few of the more stubborn ones. I was clearing the back fence when all of a sudden I felt this stinging pain on my left arm, then another, then on my right arm and I looked around and saw a small wasp nest. I quickly ran down shouting to my wife that there were bees at the same time. By the time I reached safety, I had been stung 5 times - 3 on my left arm, and 2 on my right. I washed my arms with water and that was the only treatment I had for the stings. The pain didn't stay for long and the swelling from the sting subsided not long after, and it was fine throughout most of the day, not bothering me one bit. But, right now, it itches. And I have half the mind to just scratch and scratch and scratch. Maybe I should have put some antiseptic cream to it or something. But, at least I've not experienced any other effects from the sting. Thank goodness Adelle wasn't there then. She had gone to the neighbour's house.

These things stung me - ouch!

Well, that's my date with nature yesterday and today. Not bad for someone who didn't even step out of the compound of the house, don't you think? Just to end on a positive note, the light that fell to the ground yesterday caught my attention. They reminded me of disco lights - not that I've been to many discos - but I thought the bright and dark patches of light made for an interesting pattern on the grass.

Nature's disco lights


maslight said...

OMG perry, I like caterpillars and all but I can't see those kinda caterpillar especially when it looked more like a snake omg!!! *kambang bulu roma ku! OMG!!!!! gahhh!!! >.<"""

Marukatsu said...

First and second pictures, yes, it looks like snake! Your place are in wonderful nature.

Perry said...

maslight: yes. when I showed it to my neighbour, she shivered!

marukatsu: first time I saw such a thing!

skyjuice7 said...

Still itching ka? Pure honey helps to ease the itchiness.

Nick Phillips said...

You know Perry, that image gives me the shivers! It looks like some kind of genetically mutated snake. I would have run away screaming la ... LOL!

Perry said...

skyjuice: thanks for the tip. the itchiness is still there, but it's not as bad now. the swelling is mostly subsided as well. :)

nick: that's what my wife and i thought! creepy!

chegu carol said...

yabah, looks like a snake head oh dia punya kepala....

perry, christmas ada open house kah? among the family, brangkali dwayne and i saja yg belum pernah datang your house kan? :(