Saturday, August 23, 2008

Living to eat?

It seems I've been eating out a lot recently and this is another one about food (sorry, Nick). All of us went for lunch with some friends yesterday at Krishna's Curry House, and it's always a joy to eat there. The food is quite good, even better when you're being treated!

Food lovers

We had banana leaf rice so we had the usual yummy condiments that came with it. But, instead of white rice, we had briyani. Of course, a visit to the place wouldn't be complete without the fish head curry - the house speciality and very, very appetising. We also had mutton curry another dish I like, deep fried quail (which I didn't eat), and prawns in sambal (which were quite nice). To wash it all down, we had teh tarik (that's milked tea, but 'pulled' - can't think of any other way of saying it without going into a lengthy description - to bring out the froth) which is part of the meal and it can be replenished without any extra charges!

Yummy food!

Adelle enjoyed the food as well as the company though she seemed a bit shocked when we first arrived as I think she didn't expect to see so many people at the lunch. We had been telling her about it, but only saying that we'd be meeting a few people. So, Adelle wasn't very friendly and stuck to my wife. But she warmed up soon enough.

So, planning where to eat? Try Krishna's Curry House. Yum, yum!

p.s. Btw, in case you're wondering, I'm not getting paid for this post. Just sharing the joy of eating delicious food!


maslight said...

Peria goreng owez works for me XD

Nick Phillips said...

I lurve banana leaf rice unfortunately I gave it up after I went on my diet ... siggghhh ...

Perry said...

maslight: yeah, yeah...can eat like keropok dat!

nick: just eat...then exercise!

chegu carol said...

Soon after reading this post last Sunday, terus sia dragged si dwayne pi krishna. unfortunately they closed on sunday. :(
then we went to anjappar asia city but they don't serve quail dish that day. not wanting to give up, we drove all the way to Putatan-Penampang highway for choice restaurant. nasib buka.

indian food crave satisfied!

but i still think krishna's quail dish is the best.

jin said...

I vouch for Krishna too! The food is fantastic!
Fen took me there when we were in KK & I must say, this is one of the best banana leaf restaurants I've been too.