Sunday, August 3, 2008

SBG in da house

Just a warning: This post is photo heavy!

The Sabahan Bloggers Gathering was excellent! Tons of praise to Fara, Dino, Jacq, Wei Chuen, Emelda, Daniel, Papajoneh, and Julian for a splendid job. The venue was a great choice, the entertainment top-notch, no long, winding boring speeches (yes!), and the atmosphere was good. We had Starbucks coffee at the registration table, and inside the restaurant, take-as-many-times-as-you-want ice cream courtesy of Vedablu (yummy!). The food was okay, but I’m not sure if it disagreed with my tummy. A sharp pain in my stomach woke me up very early this morning and I had to go to the toilet. After that, I had to go twice more. Thankfully, everything’s clear now and I’m back to my gluttonous self (ha!).

I guess the highlight of the evening was the lucky draw. There were some great prizes, but having never been a lucky person when it comes to lucky draws, it was no surprised that I didn’t get any. At least I got a goodie bag, and I made some new friends. Also got to meet with some people in the flesh I got to know through the blogs and flickr.

Wont write much; I’ll let the photos do the talking, with a bit of explanation at the bottom. The pics I’m posting haven't gone through the usual processing because I’m quite tired. But I thought, I’d get them up as soon as possible…just to get everyone who couldn’t/didn’t come jealous! ;-)

As the song goes, it was indeed “Oh, what a night!”.

The registration table. To the left is the free Starbucks coffee!

Fara, Jacq and Wei Chuen - the welcoming committee!

Fara and Selina - our hosts for the evening.

Internationally renowned wedding photographer and blogger, Louis Pang giving all of us advice.

Makan time!

Performer from Sabah Institute of Arts. He was good!

More from SIA. Played a variety of songs. Very good!

Err...what's his name again? Good showmanship.

The lucky draw!

Paparazzis for the evening!

Shake yer booty!

Bring it on!

'Forfeits' for winners before they can claim their prize in the lucky draw. Insane!

Terry Peter bringing the house down. He was actually my ex-classmate!

This was shot by Louis Pang using my camera! I like!

Our deejay for the evening. Sorry, dunno his name.

Friends from Flickr: Dolly (left) and Doris dwarfed by me!

Massy and me.


maslight said...

Awesome!!! Yeah it was fun!! I was gonna go talk to u earlier before towards the end but u got ur hands full, so I let u finish taking photos first then only I approach u wakkaka.

Oh hey thanks for being such a gewd sport by leveling to my height XD *giggles

It was indeed fun! And it's nice to finally meet the person behind the blog ekkekekeke *peace

Ami3 S10 said... shots! And Louis Pang borrowed a few fire of flashes from me for your external flash, i think? .. ^_^

Fara said...

Perrryyyyy.... thanks for coming. It was really nice to meet u in person. I pinjam some of ur photos yeah XD Ngeeeee XD

LeeHng said...

Hey Perry! sorry i didnt get to have a chat with u. seeing u busy with the camera as well. :p

but thanks for coming & hope u had a lot of fun man! RESPECT! :D

Perry said...

maslight: yes, yes. nothing like meeting the real person in the flesh!

amie: yeah, he did!

fara: buli bah kalo kau. thanks for the great job!

Xander Qruze said...

it was an awesome night! So many picss taken and so many flashes blur sikit mata sia..haha!

Nick Phillips said...

Wow, you guys sure had an awesome time. I'm one of the few jealous ones but then it wouldn't have mattered cos I'm not Sabahan and would have probably been kicked out of I tried to show up ... LOL!

Edgar said...


i so wanna try that camera of urs. haha!

Shemah said...

heeyy!! I sure had a great time that night!! again, it was great meeting you perry~ Hey, I hope you don't mind, I take some pics from you, ya? ;) I'll let you know when I've updated. :)

Perry said...

xander: yeah. with the number of cameras there that night, you'd think it was the oscars!

nick: i read from other blogs that the sbg didn't stop there. the party continued elsewhere!

edgar: your 450d isn't that bad as well.

shemah: no problem. :)

Ratu Syura said...

hey perry! it was really nice meeting u in person! i used to just see your name popping up in nick's blog! hehe.. well, here's to new friendship!! btw, nice photos!!

impedius said...

PERRY!!! Really good to have met you. :-) So how you doing now bro??? I just did my SBG post. Used one of your photos. Hope its ok. A really great night indeed. Till the next SBG!

Perry said...

ratu syura: thanks. i never knew anyone could be recognised by just leaving comments on other people's blogs! great to meet you! yes, to new friendship.

impedius: now i know where to go for new movie reviews! no problem with the photo. meet you again some time.