Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It seems like the chicken pox virus is going around town at the moment. I know of at least two people who've got it recently, well in their adulthood. So, I guess the marks will be slightly slower in going away.

I'm not overly worried. I got mine when I was in secondary school. Actually, I still remember it vividly. Small spots appeared all around my body one day, and upon checking it with the doctor, he confirmed that it was that dreaded chicken disease (actually, why is it called chicken pox anyway?). I had a week off of school so that was nice, but having all these extra sensitive points all around my body wasn't very nice. But, I must say that the heightened sensation was rather interesting: I've never knew (and hopefully, never will again) that my body could be so acute in feeling the slightest touch. I actually still have some of the scars on some parts of my body, though you'd have to look very closely to see them.

But my wife is quite worried when she comes into proximity with anyone who's recently had it. You see, she hasn't got it yet. Though I hear that some people have an immunity to it. I wonder if she's one of them.

Here's to all who've recently had theirs. Happy healing!


Nick Phillips said...

I've often wondered that myself. Whoever came up with the name Chicken pox? LOL!

Anonymous said...

The German term for this illness makes much more sense. It's called "Windpocken" (literal back translation: wind pox). And the reason for the German term is, that chicken pox can easily be spread over the air from an infected person's coughing. Means it is spread "over the wind", which directly leads to the German term. Makes sense or? ;-)

Solution: Just use the German term instead. :-)


Miss P. said...

Yes, thank you Perry. It's healing alright but not happily I'm afraid. It's been 22 days now and the redness & scars are visible and it's mostly on my face...arrrggghhh!!!