Friday, February 13, 2009


Updates are slow in coming. Partly because my computer has been on the blitz. I've been using this new-ish computer for slightly over a year. No problems whatsoever. Then last Friday disaster struck...

Yep, it's that infamous Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). And somehow, it's got to do with my video card. Ever since D-day (that's Disaster Day), every time I boot up, I'll come face to face with the blue screen saying that this file nv4_disp.dll is stuck in a loop and so, Windows has done the honourable thing by stopping my system before any more damage comes along. Either that, or the computer just decides to hang on me, not so much as even a nice blue screen to inform me that my machine's stopped working (even though it's all garbled nonsense to me anyway). I'm currently running without my video drivers and it's a less than enjoyable experience, but at least no more blue screens.

I scoured the net for solutions to this problem, and the suggestions are numerous and range from the more technical like changing the power supply unit to a more powerful one, updating the drivers (which I've done about a gazillion times by now to no avail), or trying out the card on another computer; to the more zany ones like switching the positions of the RAM modules in their slots and even changing the monitor connection to a different port (both of which I've done...who knows, it did work for the people who suggested them).

So, short of wiping my hard drive clean and reinstalling everything (something I'm not very keen on doing since that means I've got tonnes of backing-up to do!), I'm actually stuck for solutions.

Any computer wizards out there who can help me with this one?

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