Friday, February 20, 2009

It's official

Just a short post for this entry. I am now without my computer. Remember me complaining about the BSOD that keeps stopping my computer? Well, three days ago, I decided to get rid of sending my computer to the shop for a check.

The technician says that my graphics is the culprit and since it is still under warranty (I actually don't remember if it is) he's helping me claim the warranty. But it'll take time. Arrrgghhs!

I wonder how long it'll take. I find myself really handicapped without my computer.
Withdrawal symptoms?

p.s. I'm actually using my wife's laptop from school to do this. It's slow, small, but at least it's bearable...considering the circumstances. Sigh...

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SkyJuice said...

Hi Perry,

I feel your pain. My life doesn't feel complete without my laptop and the internet. Hope you'll get your PC back soon!