Friday, February 27, 2009

Mr Fix-it

Well, I'm back.

Got two things fixed today. The first is the leaky tap in the kitchen. And I'm proud to say that I did it all by myself. You see, I'm not exactly a handyman when it comes to fixing things around the house. I remember the more than a few times when I actually tried to repair things I only made it worse. For example a dripping shower which I was faced with once. Easy right? Just take a wrench, tighten whatever nuts or bolts there are and you're done right?

Well, that didn't solve the problem. What was a steady dripping became a constant trickle. So much for fixing things. In the end, we called a plumber to get the job done. 

But, today, I was smarter. I researched first how to do it. And what better place to get knowledge than from the Internet. So, renewed once again with all the positivity that one gets from a clear sense of mission, I went to it - and actually fixed the drip. I didn't have to replace any parts as it turned out, that all it needed was a little cleaning.

That's the first. The second is my computer. My graphics card konked and that was the one that was causing all the trouble (and frustrations, I might add). But since it was still under warranty, ths shop people helped me claim it. But it's going to take some time - 3 months they say! So, today, I bought myself a new one in the interim period. So, all's rosy right now...except for the irritating high-pitched sound that seems to be emanating from the card. 

I'm probably going to have a look at it after this and see if I can do anything to get rid of the noise. If not, it's back to the shop and see if they can do anything. But, at least I can get some work done now.

Hope things are good with everyone. Cheerio!


Nick Phillips said...

I can relate to this post :D I do that all the time, try and fix something and it ends up getting worse ... LOL!

Glad that you got your computer problem solved, hopefully the sound is not too difficult a problem to fix :D

Marukatsu said...

'DIY(Do It Yourself)' is fun, isn't it?
Have a nice day!

Perry R. Lim said...

Nick: Thanks! Everything's up and running smoothly now. That irritating sound's gone as well. Apparently it was some alarm (for an open case) coming from my motherboard!

Perry R. Lim said...

Marukatsu: Yes, it does give you a TREMENDOUS feel-good feeling! :)