Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Excess baggage

After the week-long break for Chinese New Year, it's finally back to school time. But, I think the holidays (and all the eating that came with it) have taken its toll on me - I'm now noticeably a lot bigger round my waist. And my wife just won't let me off quietly.

Yes. Perhaps I've eaten a bit more than my fair share of food the past year end holidays. Yes, perhaps I've been snacking a bit more. But, I can't help it. I enjoy eating! So, shoot me! (that's just a figure of speech, btw.)

My wife has just told me that I need to lay off rice a wee bit because of my growing paunch. She says I eat too much rice. I sometimes take my breakfast at school (rice with a meat dish and a vegetable dish) and usually eat rice again for another meal (either lunch or dinner), but sometimes I'll eat rice for all three meals. She says that three meals (even two) with rice is too much. She recommends I substitute a meal with either a Milo and milk, or an oats with Horlicks diet.

Now, while I have nothing against the diet she is suggesting, I'm thinking all this talk about my spare tyre really just boils down to the fact that I've been rather inactive. I usually get my weekly exercise through badminton games twice a week and for the past year, that more or less kept my weight (and tummy) in check. But, since it was the year-end hols and I was away, not to mention the Chinese New Year holidays as well, I wasn't able to get my weekly dose of work-outs.

So, I think it's just about getting back into the rhythm of things once again, and once that's accomplished I'm sure that whatever excess baggage that's clinging on to me will disappear as well.

Won't it?


Christine Toh said...

Hi Perry,
Yes increase the workouts and then you can have your daily 3 portions of rice :-)
As for me I'm rather inactive during winter but at least I have good reason....storing winter fats to keep warm :-)

maslight said...

Perry: lets hope our "tyre" kempis sikit after exercising. I gained quite a bit and I need to get back to my regime!

chegu carol said...

hu...try telling that to si dwayne about the rice thingy, mana dia peduli tu. "human needs bah tu" dia counter-attack lagi... :)

sama lah perry...my 3 main meals a day consist of rice juga. :P

Ann said...

Wah, yr wife sounds really strict. :D

Miss Mathew said...

hahaha! horlicks diet? try kelogg's Special K...

Perry R. Lim said...

To everyone: My tummy a bit kempis already! hahaha!