Saturday, September 20, 2008

The week that was...

I've heard it been said that it's good to look back at the past because it helps you look forward to the future. I've never really figured that one out. Whoever said those words clearly needed an addendum.

But, here's me looking back at significant events over the past week. Here are the events that happened during the week:
  1. Blog remained untouched for the longest period ever. Nine days! A record!
  2. My newspaper subscription started! Heard the motorcycle in front of my house on Tuesday and heard the very familiar *plop* of the newspaper hitting the ground. This is the first time in my life I've ever subscribed to a newspaper! Today in history!
  3. Malaysia celebrated it's 45th year of formation on September 16. Amazing!
  4. Adelle got to ride on a banana boat for the first time in her whole life! All 21 months of it!
  5. The supposed take-over of the country by the Opposition was a non-issue. The ruling Barisan Nasional (National Front) remained in power even though the Opposition said that a new government would be formed on September 16. Politicians!
  6. Had my first taste of food from a Ramadhan bazaar for this year! Briyani with beef rendang, chicken curry and murtabak! Yummy!
  7. I'm sleepy right now. Is it any surprise?!
Have a safe and pleasant weekend. ;-)


maslight said...

Wuah 9 days can enuff make me pingsan if i dun blog, in other words, i'll be missing out on a lot. *reviewing past days too

Miss Mathew said...


Perry said...

maslight: I never intended to leave it for so long, but tau-tau...9 days passed already.

miss matthew: thank you, thank you.