Friday, September 5, 2008

Tis the season to sick

I'm in the midst of editing the photos I took last Saturday of my friend's wedding and I'm not too sure exactly when I'll finish! The flu bug also caught me, so at this moment, one nostril is blocked, throat is a bit sore, and my head's kind of heavy.

Adelle is also sick. Actually, she hasn't fully recovered from her cough. Just this evening she coughed, and coughed...and vomited. So, we got her cleaned up and took her to the clinic. Had her examined but was told that her airways were pretty clear so nothing to worry about. That's a relief.

I'll end this post here. I'll just share a pic out of the hundreds I took last Saturday.

Good night.

The groom's car on the way to church.


skyjuice7 said...
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skyjuice7 said...

Try the honey and cinnamon remedy:
Works wonders for my friends and me. Get well soon!

Nick Phillips said...

That bug seems to be there too, huh? I've just recovered from my bout of flu and fever but the cough hasn't gone away yet. And my older boy has been down with it since Tuesday.

Sorry to hear about Adelle. Hope the sweet little thing gets better soon. It's always harder on kids to be sick.

Wishing you and your family a great weekend. Get well soon guys!

maslight said...

OMG! get well soon!!! and I'm anxious to see the photos XD

chegu carol said...

get well soon perry...and adelle too. suruh si fen load up on vit c...kasi shield from kena flu bug from you and adelle :)

justinlim said...

hey perry....justin here....waiting for ur photos man....i miss avthing back in oni photos can bring me back....Hope avthing is fine back there...send my regards to the young adults there....God bless

Shemah said...

hey perry! Same here... both the kids are sick.. and the lil one just can't have any foreign taste (i.e: medication) hitting her taste buds. She'll vomit immediately. So, my hands are pretty full lately. Excuse the non existent bloghopping ya? :)

Hope you and Adelle get well soon. Take lots of rest and plenty of water! :)

Perry said...

thanks everyone for your wishes! feeling better already! :)