Saturday, September 20, 2008

Murphy's Law

You know what it is right? It is an adage, a saying, that says 'whatever will go wrong, will go wrong'. And that's pretty much what happened today. Not to me, but to my wife and Adelle.

We are employing two men to paint our house fence and gate (I know, we could do it ourselves, but it's so time-consuming! You have to scrape off the old paint, then you have to paint all the individual bars that make up the fence. So troublesome! That's why we decided to employ someone before our fence and gate disintegrate from rust!). So, after having talked to them for awhile, she comes in through the front door and...hits her little toe against the sliding door. Ouch!

Then later on, Adelle in her excitement to have a look at the bicycle which we took out for her to play, accidentally stepped on my wife's little toe. It just had to be that particular toe. Double ouch! And my wife told me that later in the afternoon, she hit that particular toe against something else again - this time the legs of the bed frame. Triple ouch!

Well, that was my wife. As for Adelle, after an extended morning nap, it was time for lunch. So both she and I walked down the stairs and I went straight to the kitchen to get her lunch ready. I thought she was following me but she had other plans. The next thing I know, I hear a thud and her screams. I quickly run out and the first thing I saw was that she was on her back crying. Then I noticed a tooth.

I quickly carried her and called for my wife. She was bleeding quite badly from where the tooth must have fallen out so when my wife was by my side I passed Adelle to her to pacify her. We managed to stop the bleeding soon after.

Our guess is she must have tried to climb her high chair, which she normally does quite adeptly without any incident, and fell hitting her tooth on either the table or chair. It must have been really hard because the whole tooth including the root was dislodged! Contacted two friends in the dental line to ask for advice and basically, we were told that we'll just have to wait for Adelle's permanent teeth to show up - in 4 years time.

So, right now, there's a gap in her row of upper teeth. It's one of the two front teeth. Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any other injuries apart from the tooth, but we'll be monitoring her condition for the next few days.

What a day.


chegu carol said...

bad experience with murphy's law for countless time already :(

but adelle...kesian dia hilang gigi. front tooth lagi tu. but at least, she doesnt have to experience being teased as 'si rumpang gigi' at school. i lost one of my front teeth when i was 11 and i still can remember the 'scar' of being teased by my friends and even my teachers.

hope both adelle and fen get better soon.

Nick Phillips said...

Gee, when it rains it pours huh? I hope everyone is okay. Poor Adelle though. At least it's just the baby teeth, ya?

Oh and you should have called me to paint your house and fence la, I'm good at that stuff ... LOL! And by the way, you've been tagged :D

Perry said...

carol: actually, that's what we're worried about - the taunts. at her age now, it's okay. just worried when she gets a little older and starts mixing with kids more.

nick: yes, it really poured. Everything's back to normal. Adelle's still fascinated by the gap though. She keeps poking it with her tongue!

Painting the gate? Geez, if I knew...

Dolly MJ said...

As a parent, i know how it feel. Mixing with other kids will be hard later i guess. Hope everything will be fine.

Btw, teach her how to bully back other kids! *lol*

Perry said...

dolly: I'm hoping everything will turn out well too.

Bully back other kids? No-la. I'll teach her to fight back when needed.

Dolly MJ said...

hehe that's the word 'fight back'!