Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sabah Fest 2009 - A Night of Colours Part 2

Okay, finally I'm posting the follow up to my previous post about Sabah Fest 2009. It's been exactly a week ago since this event. But, it doesn't matter because I can still remember quite vividly what happened. Yes, I know. The show made such a strong positive impression on me! :)

Anyhow, after mulling about outside for quite some time, the show finally started at 8 pm. So everyone was ushered inside, and everyone was treated to the rather mysterious opening video about the Bobohizan (priestess) and their rituals concerning the rice spirit. The opening was excellently done, and that goes for the rest of the evening as well.

I was really impressed by the quality of all the presentations. The music, the lighting, the costumes, the dancing all made for a sharp performance. Various ethnic groups presented their traditional dance, but I thought the most eye-catching and interesting was the Rungus dance - the Mongigol Sumundai. It simply had me entranced!

I suppose many people would be more impressed with the now-really-famous Magunatip, but I guess I've seen it way too many times to be awed by it anymore. But, the Mongigol Sumundai, well, I was attracted to the movements and just the way the men, especially, were dancing - it was really unique. A man led a line of ladies in the dance, and they basically zig-zagged this way and that on stage. Apparently, the whole line is supposed to represent a dragon, with the man being the head, and the women the body of the dragon.

Interesting, eh?

It was a thoroughly enjoyable one-hour plus of performance. I guess what made it all the more better was that you could see that the performers were enjoying themselves as well. So, I guess that made us enjoy watching them as well. At the end of the whole thing, the floor was open to all in attendance to joing the performers in a dance, and I'd say many people really had a blast letting their hair down!

So, if you happen to be in Sabah around this time next year, make sure you catch this show! And if your haven't yet done so, what better excuse to visit Sabah!

Some more photos taken of the night. Hope you enjoy them.

Dusun women - part of the opening act for the night

The Suluk dance

A dance called the Pangalai Agung of the Suluk people

Song presentation using the gambus (a lute)

Rungus women performing their dance the Mongigol Sumundai

Raised-arm shot of the same women above

How can you not be enchanted when the performers smile like that?

The Magunatip of the Murut people

Children were also involved. This was the closing performance.

To wrap it all up, a photo of the beauties of the night in their wonderful costumes.


Marukatsu said...

What coloful pictures are!
Very beautiful!
Have a nice day!

Roslyn said...

Great pics, Perry...

Perry R. Lim said...

marukatsu: thank you! have a nice day yourself too!

Perry R. Lim said...

Roslyn: Thank you. I'm waiting for job openings as photog...

Miss Mathew said...

I would hv gone to Sabah Fest, if not bcs of my exam, d next day ;( Really good pics!

Perry R. Lim said...

Miss Matthew: There's always next year!