Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just chillin' tunes

You've heard of youtube, right? It's that ever popular website where people from just about every corner of the globe share videos of either themselves or other people or of some other interesting bits. So, I was browsing youtube yesterday, and you know the home page where it shows you what people are watching at the moment, right? I saw this thumbnail of this person called Zee Avi (she goes under the handle KokoKaina), and it seemed to have been viewed quite a number of times. So, out of curiosity, I clicked and what greeted me was this sweet-looking girl playing her guitar. Nothing extraordinary right? I mean, you'll get lots of sweet-looking girls toting their guitars on youtube.

But, once she started playing and singing - I was fascinated. Her playing style is extremely simple and her music is very laidback. It's the kind of music that you can just listen to on a lazy afternoon, doing absolutely nothing but getting comfortable on your favourite piece of furniture. But, that's not all. Her voice is quite good. Hers is not like those Mariah Carey-esque strong, high vocals, but those quiet, peaceful, come-listen-to-me kind. Almost like Norah Jones.

In one of her videos, she tells how she started posting videos on youtube since 2007 and then one day, she was highlighted on youtube's front page, and was discovered by a recording studio in LA. And so, she's just recorded her first album and it has just been released in the US. I read that it's available at the ITune's store as well.

But, the most interesting bit is another thing I learned about her. She's Malaysian, born in Miri, Sarawak.

So, if you're looking for some relaxing music to listen to, in exchange for all the guitar-crunching, drum-beating that you listen to daily on your music player, try listening to Zee Avi on youtube and see if you agree with me whether she's one talented girl.


chegu carol said... kind of song too.

Perry R. Lim said...

chegu carol: nice kan?

maslight said...

Very relaxing maybe I'll continue listen when I reach opis. It's taking too much of my time at home and I'm rushing to work wakkakak XD

reanaclaire said...

Hi, greetings from IPOH... first time coming here.. i havent heard of this singer yet.. cannot listen here in office but can do so at home...
nice coming here though..

Perry R. Lim said...

maslight: yes, very. i've been listening to it over and over again!

Perry R. Lim said...

reanaclair: hi, thanks for dropping by and the compliments. hope to see you come by more often!