Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poetic amusement

Tonight's the night
The Red Devils play the Blue and Red,
And while no one quite knows
the kind of scoreline the game will show,
One thing's for sure
my dear footie fan:
That many a person, I assure
Will hurl abuse at that poor referee man

Come tomorrow
many will be bleary eyed,
'Cos fans in the world this side
will be dog-tired and mystified,
For how in the world
Could their team so strong
Be so humbled
by a side not quite on song
 (so they grumble)

So, be wary
my dear footie fan
the wrath of the win-deprived-sleep-deprived
brand of a man
for quick is his temper
and sure is his hand
to point a finger at you
and say, "Just shut up. Can?"

Enjoy the great football game that I'm sure it's going to be between Barcelona and Manchester United tonight. It's not often that you see two champions of the respective domestic leagues slugging it out on the same field for the greater glory that is the UEFA Champions League crown. Just in case you don't know, the match starts at 2.45 am local Malaysian time.

For me, I'll be dozing in my comfortable bed then.

You can tell me the results tomorrow...


aaronymously said...

Siamo Campione Del Mondo~~!..hehe
game over..2-0.. Barca deserved to take the trophy home..will take my dinner now.. its 23.03 still in italy.. ciao ciao !! bah

Lizquek said...

ahhh, a footie fan.. MU lost! :D

thx for leaving a comment on my blog and the tips as well!! :D will surely look for some..

Perry R. Lim said...

Aaronymously: Must have been quite a game! I would have imagined a tighter scoreline though,

Perry R. Lim said...

Lizquek: Thanks for dropping by as well. Yes, MU lost! :)