Sunday, October 12, 2008

The vanishing

I know, I know. I've done a vanishing act again. Could it be that after three months of blogging I'm already walking down the road towards bloggers limbo? I certainly hope not. I'd be very disappointed with myself if I ever came to that. I had made a promise to myself that this time round, this blog was going to last way, way, way longer than my first - and since aborted - attempt at blogging. And while I've more than surpassed the space of time it took for me to abandon my first blog, I still want to continue...

So, here are the latest updates:

Yesterday, Sabah celebrated the Head of State's official birthday. It was supposed to coincide with Malaysia Day on September 16, but since it was the fasting month, the governor decided to postpone all celebrations till yesterday, 11 October. My wife and I didn't initially plan to watch the celebrations and parade at the town field - we had earlier gone to the morning market near our house to buy some groceries - but my wife suggested that we go to town to have breakfast. We wanted to eat at our favourite bun shop (all sorts of buns there and the price is very reasonable as well), but it turned out to be closed when we drove past it. So, we settled for beef noodles as well, which was quite nice. Since this particular shop was just across from the town field, and we could hear the marchin band playing their songs, I suggested that we bring Adelle to go have a look and experience the whole thing. Wife agreed and off we went.

Of course, lucky me, I took my camera along (actually, I secretly wished to go and see the parade!) so I managed to take a number of shots. There were performances and all, but I wasn't very interested in them. What caught my attention were the palace guards (yes, the official residence of the governor is called the palace or better known as the Istana). They looked quite smart in their uniform and so, they were my main focus.

Look! I'm part of the parade!

That was yesterday. Today, Adelle woke all of us at around 6 am and then we got ready to go to the beach. We brought along her beach toys and we got her into her swimsuit so that it'd be easier to clean her up later. At the beach, Adelle was quite reluctant to walk on the sand at first. She also didn't want to use her toys to make sandcastles, but after I made a couple she became interested in what I was doing and went on to play by herself while Daddy and Mommy enjoyed a couple of sandwiches that my wife had packed. We didn't stay long as it was getting hot, so we left right after snapping a family photo.

Adelle enjoying herself playing with sand

Family photo at the beach

Just now, our Malay neighbour invited us over for dinner and we went, ate , chatted and came back. I'm feeling rather tired and sleepy right now so I'll stop writing here for tonight.

Have a good week ahead.


Christine Toh said...

Adele getting cuter aye. Like the pics of her with the guards. :-), and nice little coconut tree hair style she got there :-)

maslight said...

I've been slowing down on my blog posts too. Dun worry. We're on the same boat XD

Nick Phillips said...

Awww, she looks absolutely adorable :D

It's be a sad day if you ever gave up blogging cos I would have one less blog to visit! Stick with it buddy :D

Shemah said...

lovely photos, perry!! It looks like you guys had such a great weekend. It's fun when you do spontaneous things..

And your neighbours sound great.. I bet Nick is jealous!! LOL!

:) Hope you keep blogging, Perry!

Perry R. Lim said...

Nick: I'll certainly try. I'm not going to give up that easily.

Perry R. Lim said...

shemah: hey, thanks! yes, the weekend was fun. It was a refreshing break from the norm.

jin said...

Nice family photo. Wah, sounds like you guys eat out all the time. Lucky you!

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Perry R. Lim said...

jin: come to think of it...yeah, we do eat out a lot! lol!

Perry R. Lim said...

images: thanks for the info.

jin said...

I checked out Xcavator & was amused to find how 'helpful' it was. I typed in 'animals' & images of women & girls appeared besides all the other legitimate range of animals. I then tried 'bush baby' which is an Australian animal & images of lions, etc. appeared but there was no Bush baby. Then I thought perhaps that's testing its limit, I tried something simpler-I typed in Lion & images of dandelions appeared. Haha how, the moral of the story is, you had better have some idea of what you're looking for if you're using this website ;-)