Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ain't nothing low here

You see it almost everywhere - that green cursive writing against a yellow background with a red dot dotting the 'i'. I even see it when I look out of my bedroom window. But the low price leader it isn't. I mean, how dare they call themselves that when so many of their things are way so much more pricier than the local supermarkets? Even when their items are supposedly on offer!

I am actually ticked off by their whole charade especially today. You see, this afternoon the whole family went to 'the low price leader' to get a few things - among others, hair gel for myself. So, I was comparing prices between the different brands and seeing which ones would be the best value for money. I decided to buy the biggest packing of the Code 10 Strong Hold gel (what can I say, I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy). The cost - RM8.90. I was quite pleased with myself since I had stood there in front of the rack with all those colourful jars and tubes of gel for quite a while calculating the whole weight/price ratio before making up my mind.

But, then later in the evening, my wife and I went to another shopping complex (after my friend so kindly volunteered to take care of Adelle) just for a bit of window shopping and as we were walking around, we decided to enter one of the local departmental stores here in Kota Kinabalu. We were passing the personal grooming products, and out of curiosity I went to look for the same gel that I had bought. And lo and behold, I saw it - the green 250 ml tub of the Code 10 Strong Hold Gel. And what greeted me when I turned it to look at the price tage? The price of RM7.70!


That was a RM1.20 difference! Not 10 sen, not 20 sen, not 30 sen but RM1.20! That's preposterous! How in the world can a smaller, with limited purchasing-power, local, one-outlet departmental store be selling this 250 ml Code 10 Strong Hold gel for RM1.20 cheaper than the so much bigger, and with so much more capital for bulk purchases, and with dozens and dozens of stores all over the country? Maybe I'm missing some kind of advanced accounting principles that are involved in all these price differences, but to the average consumer like me, that kind of price gap is absolutely absurd! It's totally illogical!

And they dare call themselves 'the low price leader in Malaysia'? Low price leader my foot! I can understand a few cents difference in products between different stores but RM1.20 is just way too much. Isn't there a law or something against proclaiming something you're not?

Well, at least now I know one place NOT to shop for the Code 10 Strong Hold gel.



chegu carol said...

Tipah tertipu punya kes kah ni? bagus lagi shopping di CKS maybe kan?

Nick Phillips said...

That's why I do my shopping for different products in different places. I went through that supposedly 'lowest price' nonsense only to find it much cheaper at another place.

Code 10 huh? Gee and I thought my taste in gels (I use Brylcreem) was bad ... hehehe ... just kidding buddy, just kidding :D

skyjuice7 said...

Have you used the gel yet? If it's still unpacked, just return it lor. I did it once with something I bought at a different hypermart. Got my money back, no questions asked.

I don't suppose they practise this concept where they'd pay you the difference if you managed to prove that you found the same item cheaper elsewhere? I know other 'leading' hypermarts do.

Perry R. Lim said...

chegu carol: CKS? I think lagi la mahal sana. I can't seem to find anything cheap there whenever I go.

Perry R. Lim said...

Nick: Yes, Nick. Shopping in different places seems to be the only way to go. And guess what? I just went to my neighbourhood supermarket and saw the same Code 10 gel selling for RM7.20!!!

Oh, and my usual brand is Brylcreem...just that I thought I was getting a better bargain with the Code 10.

Perry R. Lim said...

skyjuice: Alas, I've already opened and used it. But even if I hadn't I wouldn't take the 10-minute drive just to go to that 'lowest price leader' just to get back my RM1.20. Not worth it.

Nessa said...

Bring your receipt and tell them of the price difference. They will refund you, well, that's what they would do here la.

It's an advertising gimmick... sadly a lot of people fall for it.

Perry R. Lim said...

nessa: the cost of petrol for me to go back to that store isn't worth it. So, I'll just cease to buy taht particular product from that store.

I know it's a gimmick, but I can't accept any sort of justification for the huge price difference!

jin said...

I suggest you take it up to the Consumers Affairs Board/Council. They need to honour their brandname/logo/claim. Otherwise, they should be sued! Not sure how it works in M'sia but in Oz, such a co. will certainly be taken to court if it doensn't hounor its claim. c'mon PErry, don't let it go...take on the challenge!