Saturday, December 6, 2008

The night

Remember the concert I talked about in my previous post? Well, everything turned out quite well. Though we did start later than scheduled (there's that Malaysian time creeping in again), but things moved on pretty smoothly when we did start.

I was told before the concert started that there was a possibility of the auditorium overflowing with people as the response to the tickets was overwhelming. But, in the end, there were enough seats for everyone. There was also the possibility of heavy rain (like the previous evening), but thankfully, it stayed dry. It was a cool evening, though.

The evening started out with carol singing, which was followed by performances by one of the beneficiaries of the concert. The first consisted of several children using large black bins which were overturned and used as drums. Then there was a Bollywood-style dance number (which I thought was quite hilarious), and finally, group singing. Of course, all these acted as a prelude to the highlight of the evening which was the choir singing. Yours truly was narrator, and I must say that the point just before you start talking is always the most nerve-wracking. But, thankfully, there were no slip-ups, and the choir performed splendidly.

Well, only 20 more days till Christmas, and this whole thing just sets up a nice mood for it.

Thanks to all who came, and hope you had a wonderful evening!

For more photos, click here.